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Battery Facts

  • Your phone battery starts to deteriorate from day one of you using it. It's designed to!
  • People use their phones for so many reasons these days it puts an incredible strain on the phone battery
  • To stop you just replacing the battery the manufacturers make mobiles with non-removable batteries
  • They design them this way so you eventually get fed up of it and buy a new phone
  • Your phone will work perfectly well for ages longer as long as you can get over the battery problem
  • You've got your mobile all set up the way the like it - why should you go to the expense and inconvenience of swapping just for the sake of the battery?

Power Banks

  • Basically these are portable batteries you can use to charge up your phone on the go
  • They come in different sizes according to mAh (Milliamps per hour)
  • Some have more modern slim reliable batteries (Polymer) and some still use older technology (18650)
  • Availability: 50 In Stock
  • Model: Powerbank-W
  • Manufacturer: British Tech UK

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